Red Fox

I first saw the fox in early July; its appearance heralded by a cacophony of crows and jay. I saw only the fox’s back at first, and the color, more blonde than red, made me think I was seeing a straying dog. But then I saw the fox’s head, and his brushy tail. It was trotting, and I glimpsed it only for a moment before it disappeared from view. Later, I again heard the crows and jays proclaiming their displeasure, and saw the fox making his return trip. His fur was dense and healthy, the white of his tail and chest gleaming and clean, and his black socks strikingly dark.

Since then, I’ve seen that first fox, and a smaller, slightly darker and thinner fox together. I’ve also realized the odd, almost feline sounding cry I’ve heard several times late at night is not the bob cat or lynx I suspected, but a fox bark. I’ve made two very bad recording with my phone; I’ve linked to them below and to a much better YouTube clip for comparison.

Fox Bark 1
Fox Bark 2
This is a better example of the way it sounds; more scream than bark.

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